I’m really pleased to announce the launch of my new website. A new look and feel, a new brand. It reflects the decision I made to focus entirely on the work I do with clients around communication. That is, after all, the thing that brought me into the business world from theater, almost 30 years ago. The brand aims to reflect how this communication thing is not something I had an idea about in the shower last week. Instead, it’s been a long, fascinating journey which I now want to journal for others. I’ve been developing, testing and practicing these ideas for many, many years with many, many people. In this noisy and fragmented world – where the biggest mouth or cutest new soundbite is always clamoring for attention – I hope that a more reflective approach is going to be helpful. And effective.

Those of you who know me will know there is always another book around the corner. This time there are two. One book is tentatively called How to Communicate Good. It represents a gathering of 30 years of my IP around leadership communication and executive impact. It will be packed full of my best approaches, ideas, tools and models in a workbook format. The book of the workshop, if you will.

But first I get to publish the book I really want to write!

This other book – I’m finishing it now and it will be available in September – is called Unconditional Communication: Shaping Better Relationships and Bigger Futures – Together. This book explores all the realities around human communication that we don’t get the time to talk about on my leadership communication programs. It goes deeper into the true nature of communication and what it can do. For example, what do we really mean when we talk about Presence and Authenticity? Where, exactly, do those experiences come from, and how do they impact on us? This is a book for everyone, not just business leaders, and one that matters deeply to me, given the divided, anxious world we seem to be experiencing at the moment.

That is why the ‘Together’ word is so critical in the book’s title. Traditional ways of thinking about communication focus on the speaker or the writer. But this does not begin to touch the co-creative nature of all communication – nor the implications of that reality. When I was in the theater, the character I played did not exist because I got the lines and the moves right. Nor was it that I had the talent to look like I meant it! The character existed because the audience chose to imagine that character with me. We were all working together on creating that outcome.

Have you ever had the experience of reading a book and getting totally involved in the story and the characters? Time flies by and then you suddenly realize you’ve read a hundred pages. Who did that? Was it the author? How can that be? She’s not there – and you are sitting in a chair looking at black marks on a white page or tablet screen.

We cannot create bigger futures except when we act together and collaboratively – and that’s why there is so much to learn about the co-creative relationship between performer and audience in theater and literature. And that is NOT about becoming a more inspirational speaker (in fact, research tells is that there is no correlation between ‘being inspired’ and ‘taking action’).

If I’ve peaked your interest, there’s a download of an extract from that book near the bottom of the holding page. I hope you get a chance to read it…www.davidfirth.com