A Transformative Perspective

The great thinkers of global history have long wrestled with the question of how to eliminate, or at least reduce, suffering in life; David Firth has spent the majority of his career exploring that same concept, albeit through the medium of communication.  How and why we speak affects our inner well-being as well as our external results.

A writer, teacher, linguist, and consultant who has worked with some of the largest multinational corporations in the world, David understands, better than anyone, how to create cohesive and productive relationships through real, human connection.  Beyond developing leadership ‘skills’, David brings people back to being the source of change – rather than its victims or objects – by unleashing the entrepreneurial spirits of intentionally, creativity, and ownership.

As an author, his books stand as a provocative complement to traditional thinking about leadership, and include How to Make Work Fun, From ‘Making a Living’ to Creating a Life, Change Your World One Word at a Time, RISE, and his current, in progress, work, Unconditional Communication.

Current and recent clients include the International Olympic Committee, Amnesty International, Unilever and Mars.  David helps these global clients – and those nearer to his home in Loveland, Colorado – institute profoundly impactful practices to enhance engagement, enrollment, and workforce participation.

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