When I was a boy, David Icke was a highly respected sportscaster on the BBC. He presented Grandstand most Saturday afternoons, bowls, snooker (ah, England!) and even the Olympics. Then one day he decided he’d done with all that, disappeared for a while and came back some time later, dressed all in turquoise, to announce that he was a ‘Son of the Godhead.’

He also had other news for us: that the world was being secretly controlled by the Babylonian Brotherhood, a hybrid race of human–extraterrestrial reptilians, and that even our dear Royal Family were all in fact green lizards in disguise. So you can probably imagine that David caused a stir.

And as a boy I was conflicted by all this. I’d learned to trust David Icke. If he told me that the score was 2-nil, then that was the truth. And if he was right that these alien reptiles were secretly running the world, how exactly were they doing that?

40 years later, I’ve worked it out.

How the Global Elite is controlling the destiny of the world is that they are making all the smart people really busy.

Think about the cunning plan! Get the smartest people on the planet and give them a never-ending To Do list. Give them way too many emails to keep up with. Get them to accept exhausting reactivity and the dream of control as the dominant environment.

They’ll never have time to think. They’ll never have the space to have the conversations that matter. They’ll never be able to slow down and question if there could be a better way.


Heh, heh, heh. Or whatever sound lizards make when they are laughing.