From small group gatherings to arena-sized conferences, every talk David gives is engineered to move his audience forward – giving them tangible strategies and tools that allow them to see the future differently.

The great thinkers of global history have long wrestled with the question of how to eliminate, or at least reduce, suffering in life; David Firth has spent the majority of his career exploring that same concept, albeit through the medium of communication.  How and why we speak affects our inner well-being as well as our external results.

Putting It All To Good Use

All the wisdom in the world is worthless if it isn’t accompanied by implementation and execution.  That’s why David’s keynote fee always includes an optional short workshop with your Senior Leadership Team – held within 24 hours of the keynote – to explore how they can ground his insights in their particular corporate culture.

David’s clients include:

Keynote Topics

David can present any of these themes either as a keynote, or as an expanded workshop, from 2 hours duration to a full day.  Whatever the format, all events are interactive and focused on making something happen – application – rather than simply learning or inspiration.

His most popular speaking topics include the following:


Most of our thinking about change is around the ‘how to’, but what if change became a ‘want to’?  This talk demonstrates not ‘why’ change should happen but ‘where’ it happens – at the intersection, or Sweet-Spot, of ‘how we talk to each other’ and the ‘place we come from’.  It shows that change is not difficult, but something that comes perfectly naturally when the conditions are right – and that demands what David calls Unconditional Communication.


It has been known for many years that organizations with engaged employees perform more at a much higher level than those without.  This talk focuses on how every employee can shift their thinking about their job so that they can make work fun – i.e. enjoyable and productive – for all stakeholders, including their customers.


This talk or workshop is particularly useful for internal or external consultants, as it explores The Ten Roles of The Corporate Fool – a new model for being a change agent in organizations.  The ten roles form ten practical ways of engaging with people to overcome resistance and increase buy-in.

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