Facilitating Transformation & Spirit

Some ideas at the heart of The Conscious Consulting School

The Organizational Perspective

An organization exists to create something (a product, a service, a difference, a future) with others for others.

Therefore creativity and collaboration are the motive forces in an organization.

So the inquiry is: how can we enhance the conditions for and enablers of creativity and collaboration?

I believe that the work of leadership today is about:

  • Inviting others to choose to be a part of the creating – and attracting them to a joint cause
  • Facilitating shared purpose
  • Creating stories that inspire us and teach us and deepen authenticity, connection and trust
  • Convening and hosting conversations that create actions that create the future we want
  • Raising awareness and consciousness of the process, since we are always learning how to do this and its never been done before. (Your organization’s 2014 has never been done before, even if it looks a bit like 2013, so we need to stay aware of what is unfolding and adjust as we go).
  • Being relentless about the conscious and ongoing development of the organization because otherwise entropy wins:

People draw close together by their common nature, but

habit and custom keep them apart

Translated from Confucius

So key words in this work are:

  • Invitation, connection, community, between, amongst, social capital, co-creation, emergent, narrative etc
  • and, above all, relationship, as (a) the foundational element of all organization and (b) the ‘delivery mechanism’ for results.