If we want to live in a world that is engaging, healthy and successful, we need to think in terms of creating a sense of ‘We’ rather than ‘Us & Them.’ This is true whether we are considering a corporate culture, a neighborhood, a nation, a friendship or a marriage.


Unfortunately, we are currently faced with a breakdown of ‘We’ – in our fragmented communities, in our polarized media, in our distrust of institutions and in our vindictive public discourse. More and more there is a feeling of separation and discord, of blame and making wrong.


Unconditional Communication is a new way of thinking about communication that causes ‘We’ to happen – because what our world needs right now is a sense of being together in the face of our greatest and most urgent challenges.


Unconditional Communication is characterized by:

  • Genuine authenticity
  • A willingness to name and deal with reality
  • Vulnerability
  • A willing invitation to co-create shared outcomes

and, most of all,

  • The idea that our communication can be an act of service to others – rather the means to get something from others.


In this book, you will learn:

  •     How to talk so people want to listen to you
  •     How to speak from a place of unshakeable confidence
  •     How to engage others at the level of heart rather than mind
  •     How to build relationships motivated by creativity and purpose


Unconditional Communication is wise, poetic, funny and surprising, and, above all, grounded in practical solutions for creating a better world. Together.