David’s workshop challenges individuals and organizations to create bigger, more exciting futures by taking a closer look at their communication techniques and leadership methods.

The Program

The journey launches with a 2.5 day intensive workshop with David and your team or group, that revolves around three core concepts-Presence, Connection, and Action.


Are you truly present to yourself as a communicator and creator?  Are you aware of your strengths and depths?  Do you feel deserving of having a powerful message to share with the world, and do you know how to craft that?


Do you know how to connect authentically to others so they see themselves in your created future, and that they ‘Want to’ rather than ‘Have to’ be a part of it?


Are you focused on transforming the invisible to the visible, intangible to tangible, potential to actual? In other words, does your communication create your preferred future?

It is the mastery of these principles, and the application of that mastery, that enables individuals
and teams to enhance collaboration, increase production, and realize their full potential.

The workshop includes a six month process of learning in action.  You’ll be supported and coached on applying
new mindsets and skills to a project or activity that will deliver a significant ROI to your business.


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