A Webinar with David Firth, September 19th at Noon ET

My wife-to-be Keri and I met and fell in love in Rhode Island in 1987. And then she went home to Colorado, and I went home to London.

We kept in touch – and kept in love – not my email, or FB, or cell phone – but by letter. Keri would mail me a letter. I would sit and inhale its contents. And then I’d write her one back. Weeks would go by between communications, but we didn’t let distance get in the way, because we both knew we were committed to something bigger. We’d have killed for some of the tools available now.

Virtual communication is now the norm and not the exception. It is how international companies will grow and thrive. It has amazing potential to promote collaboration, engagement and creativity. And yet most of the people I talk to about it appear to suffer it as a necessary evil.

I’m running a Webinar to present my best thinking on how to have virtual communication work for the benefit of all. There are mistakes we all make in this space that are easy to fix. And there are practices we can put in place that can shift virtual communication to being a want to rather than a have to.

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